Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FootSmart Mens Wrap Around Slippers from FootSmart.com

Consumer: Men

The purpose of the Men's Wrap-Around Slippers by FootSmart is to provide indoor footwear offering both comfort and style.

Pros: FootSmart Men's Wrap-Around Slippers are very foot-friendly even for problem feet. According to the website, “The anatomically contoured footbed and wide toe box create a roomier fit. Micro-terry/cotton upper and lining are breathable, absorbent and feel ultra soft to the skin.”

After a long, hard day wearing dress shoes or work boots, your feet will thank you for providing them with all of the comfort they will find in FootSmart Men's Wrap-Around Slippers. The FootSmart Men's Wrap-Around Slippers are designed with an open toe and a closed heel for the maximum in foot comfort for those tired feet and sore toes. The FootSmart Men's Wrap-Around Slippers feel secure on your feet without binding them in any way. The FootSmart Men's Wrap-Around Slippers are also stylish while providing your poor aching feet with much-needed breathing room.

Cons: FootSmart Men's Wrap-Around Slippers are not washable. They can only be spot-cleaned, and because the uppers are constructed of terry cloth, the shoes could become extensively soiled very easily.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the FootSmart website reads in part: “Everything you buy from us is backed by our 120 Day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 120 days for any reason and your product total will be refunded (unfortunately we cannot refund shipping and order processing fees).  Please remember, though, that footwear products, such as shoes, must be returned in their original, unworn condition, and in their original boxes.”

Value for money: FootSmart Men's Wrap-Around Slippers are a very good value.

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