Monday, April 23, 2007

Avido Shampoo from Aveda?

The Avido Shampoo is both: for men and women, who have very fine or brittle hair that needs body so that it will appear fuller.

The purpose of Avido Shampoo is to add body to hair that is very fine or very brittle to enhance the appearance of the hair.

Pros: Avido Shampoo has been used by thousands of men and women to strengthen and thicken fine and brittle hair. Avido Shampoo builds body in the hair with A-V-7.

Botanic Choice sells many different products for natural health care. There are categories covering weight loss, anti aging, digestion, heart, joints, respiratory, vision as well as beauty care.

Many women (and men) have hair that has been overly processed with bleaches or permanent wave solutions. Additionally, aging often causes the hair to thin and become brittle. Avido shampoo can help no matter what the cause of the hair problem.

Cons: There are no cons associated with Avido Shampoo. It is not, however, hypoallergenic and those who have very sensitive skin or who are prone to allergic reactions to hair care products should use it with caution.

Guarantee: Botanic Choice offers a very generous money back guarantee. The guarantee covers the price, the effectiveness, the purity, the potency and the quality of every product sold. A product may be returned for a full no-questions-asked refund even if the bottle or jar has been opened and used.

Value for money: Avido Shampoo is a really good value. The guarantee makes is doubly valuable. If it doesn’t work for the customer, it can be returned for a full refund.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The cost of laser hair removal these days

People, especially women nowadays, are becoming more conscious with what they have and what they don't have. Some are concerned that they have too curly hair or very straight hair, some are worried that they have too fair-colored skin or very dark-skinned, and some are conscious that they have too much of this or too less of that. Well, it is a fact that one can never be contented or satisfied with what he or she has, the person will continuously look for something more or for something less, it is just part of man's nature --- to always look and want something else.

In fact, even in body hairs, this concern is quite obvious. Just take for example the appearance or growth of unwanted hairs in some delicate and sensitive parts of the body. Recently, with the innovation in technology, this has been resolved in a way through laser hair removal --- it's painless, safe, and fast. However, you also have to face the idea that this procedure --- because of its benefits --- is quite costly. The cost of laser hair removal does not come in handy, and that is indeed a fact, which most people sometimes realize, only when they are about to do it or when they are over and done with it. The cost of laser hair removal must be in the top part of one's priority's list of laser hair therapy. This shouldn't be the last thing that one should encounter, but rather, because of the high cost of laser hair removal, this must be tackled and understood first before continuing with the study of the pros and cons of laser hair removal.

It's not easy to just pay off whatever the cost of laser hair removal is, just so you'll get it over with or just to complete and finish this hair removal procedure. This should not be the case, this is only a sign of weakness and immaturity --- how, then can you handle the series of sessions of this hair removal treatments, when in fact you can't even decide whether the expensive cost of laser hair removal is worth it in the end or not. You must understand that even if you think and believe that the cost of laser hair removal is actually fair for such therapy, you must also consider some factors and things like: don't you have other important things needed to be paid and purchased first, or don't you need the funds for your big plan and project in the next couple of months, or don't you feel the effort of saving such amount, etc.

Well, the cost of laser hair removal is actually both expensive and not, like with everything else, it just depends on the person, if he truly needs to do it or not, or if it's just simply an extra cash for him to spend.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The South Beach Theory

Like other diets that are based on the Glycaemic Index (GI), the South Beach diet severely restricts the carbohydrates in the first two weeks before gradually reintroducing those with a low glycaemic index.

The idea is that our bodies break down carbohydrates into sugars and absorb them into the blood, thus, causing high blood sugar. In response, the pancreas releases the hormone insulin to facilitate the use of sugar in the blood. The more sugar there is in the blood, the more insulin is also released.

Carbohydrates rich foods with high glycaemic index, such as bagels, cornflakes, white bread and jacket potatoes can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar. As a result, when you eat lots of these foods, your pancreas also releases voluminous amounts of insulin.

This rapid release of large amounts of insulin likewise results in rapid drops of blood sugar levels, leaving you lacking in energy. Since carbohydrates are your body’s prime source of energy, you start to crave more carbs, leading to carb-splurging – that is, eating too much carbohydrates at one time.

If this pattern is repeated, you are likely to gain weight as a result of constant overeating. On top of this, your body may develop resistance to the action insulin over time. When this happens, your body starts to store more fat, especially around the middle.

That said, there is no question then that foods with a high GI are definitely out.

Instead, Dr. Agatston suggests carbs with a low glycaemic index like pasta, pulses and porridge. These foods contain low amounts of sugar, which are slowly released into the blood. The result is a steady supply of energy for your body that will leave you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time.

Since you don’t feel constantly hungry and have few cravings, you are less likely to overeat. In addition, your body is less likely to develop resistance to insulin action, thus allowing your body to become more effective in burning fat.

So if you want to lose weight, then better start eating foods with low GI.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Swimming With Dolphins: Making It A Reality

Not many get the chance of seeing dolphins live.

More so, not many get the chance to go swimming with dolphins.

Can you even imagine that?

How amazing do you think that would be? The experience would be well worth it, and pretty much gives you bragging rights afterwards. Swimming with dolphins will give you a once in a lifetime experience you would be proud of. This unique marine adventure has attracted many to partake of – and most come out of it with an experience they will never forget.

There are swimming dolphin operators that give you this opportunity for a certain fee. Some include this in their week long of cruising. And on the natural environment where dolphins can be found – there you will get the chance in swimming with the dolphins. You will be accompanied by their personnel in the water, together with other people who like you dreamed before of this chance.

It is best that you book in advance a specific date, as these operators will usually limit themselves to a particular number of individuals per trip. So, if you want to book it for the whole family, it would be double the fun. Rates differ for adults and children for some of these operators, so check with their policies.

There are also some who offer this opportunity with around two hours of cruising, which already includes the briefing sessions. The briefing will cover mainly on how to interact with dolphins. Snorkels and wet suits will be provided – and if you are new to snorkeling, you will be aided by their crew. Check out and you will get an idea on their service and pricing.

There is also that has their dolphins on a natural seawater facility - which can also accommodate for those who want to go on swimming with dolphins. You will be accompanied as well with their highly trained staff for that one-on-one encounter with these friendly dolphins.

Swimming with dolphins has indeed provided humans the opportunity to connect with animals. The experience will give one some perspective on the nature of dolphins and how they interact with humans. Dolphins after all have records of saving human lives in various cases – and having that chance to meet face to face, with what could be man’s best friend in the water – would be an experience to die for.

This opportunity can be possible. With some degree of courage and adventurism, this experience of swimming with dolphins will allow us the chance to interact - so to speak, with such wonderful animals that live with us in this world.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Personal Stress Management for One Week

Personal Stress Management for One Week - Getting ahead of the competition seems to be the prevailing mantra for competitive people. In a world where only the fittest survives, has to go through different challenges and hurdle a variety of difficulties before they can even reach the ladder of success. Some people may be successful in their pursuit while others have succumb to the negative effects of stress that their lives demand.

Each one of us can face myriad faces of stress. True enough stress can give us positive effects thus unleashing the power within us to be productive while others can have negative impact thus making us harbor feelings of distress, depression, anxiety, anger, and most of all exhaustion. These negative effects can threaten, all the good things that we had earned through hard work, to go for naught.

There is no denying that stress is not permanent especially when it addressed with immediately when the early signs are obvious. However the effects can be permanent especially if it is taken for granted. The worst thing could happen is the toll it can take on the mental, physical, social, emotional, and the spiritual health of each one of us. Hence a personal stress management for one week is recommended.

A personal stress management for one week can give a person to reflect on how to cop e with stress. There are many approaches on how go about a personal stress management for one week. One of which is writing a daily journal on the things that stresses a person out. Making a journal can provide ample time to reflect on what really are the stressors that negatively affects his or her performance at work, relationship at home and in some other aspects of human spheres. A recollection of the things that transpired will help an individual determine the types of stress and their possible sources. Reflecting on them will likewise provide opportunity to think of possible means to cope with them.

Personal stress management for one week can also be done through a change of scenery, taking a break from the usual routine. Going on a personal retreat will definitely help recharge an individual with all the lost energies. Moreover it can give an individual a chance to get out break free from the bondage of monotony that his or her work and family relationship bring. Giving oneself a much deserved vacation and experience the best in life has to offer is one of the best antidote to the poison that stressed out life can give.

When you are feeling tired and totally drained, never ever think that its okay, because it may already be a good signal for you to recharge. It may also be the right time to take control of your life before stress controls you.