Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Personal Stress Management for One Week

Personal Stress Management for One Week - Getting ahead of the competition seems to be the prevailing mantra for competitive people. In a world where only the fittest survives, has to go through different challenges and hurdle a variety of difficulties before they can even reach the ladder of success. Some people may be successful in their pursuit while others have succumb to the negative effects of stress that their lives demand.

Each one of us can face myriad faces of stress. True enough stress can give us positive effects thus unleashing the power within us to be productive while others can have negative impact thus making us harbor feelings of distress, depression, anxiety, anger, and most of all exhaustion. These negative effects can threaten, all the good things that we had earned through hard work, to go for naught.

There is no denying that stress is not permanent especially when it addressed with immediately when the early signs are obvious. However the effects can be permanent especially if it is taken for granted. The worst thing could happen is the toll it can take on the mental, physical, social, emotional, and the spiritual health of each one of us. Hence a personal stress management for one week is recommended.

A personal stress management for one week can give a person to reflect on how to cop e with stress. There are many approaches on how go about a personal stress management for one week. One of which is writing a daily journal on the things that stresses a person out. Making a journal can provide ample time to reflect on what really are the stressors that negatively affects his or her performance at work, relationship at home and in some other aspects of human spheres. A recollection of the things that transpired will help an individual determine the types of stress and their possible sources. Reflecting on them will likewise provide opportunity to think of possible means to cope with them.

Personal stress management for one week can also be done through a change of scenery, taking a break from the usual routine. Going on a personal retreat will definitely help recharge an individual with all the lost energies. Moreover it can give an individual a chance to get out break free from the bondage of monotony that his or her work and family relationship bring. Giving oneself a much deserved vacation and experience the best in life has to offer is one of the best antidote to the poison that stressed out life can give.

When you are feeling tired and totally drained, never ever think that its okay, because it may already be a good signal for you to recharge. It may also be the right time to take control of your life before stress controls you.

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