Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Love You Balloon

Those shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts

The purpose of the I Love You Balloon is as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Pros: Do you have some kids on your Valentine’s Day gift list? Are they kids that you absolutely adore? Kids love Valentine’s Day and they love getting gifts. Having a gift delivered especially to them is the ultimate! Just imagine that kiddo you love opening this red-and-white box with their very own name on it and a big red balloon floating out of the box the minute they remove the lid. There will be squeals of delight…you can bet on it!

Of course the I Love You Balloon can be sent to any and all of the people on your Valentine’s Day gift list. “I love you” is exactly what you want to say on Valentine’s Day. You can add some extras to the I Love You Balloon gift on the website if you choose.

Cons: I am a big fan of guarantees of satisfaction. I want my satisfaction with products guaranteed without any restrictions. The lack of such an ironclad guarantee of satisfaction is always a con in my opinion. However, the I Love You Balloon appears to be a very good product and one that you should be satisfied with.

Guarantee: There is freshness and quality guarantee with each order, but satisfaction is not part of the guarantee, as far as I can tell.

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